Scott Hahn: Pray the Rosary

Dr. Hahn-26

Dr. Scott Hahn (Photo by Andrew Wright/Denver Catholic)

In response to a question on bringing others to (or back to) the Catholic faith, Dr. Scott Hahn encouraged prayer, a devotion to the Rosary and consecration to Mary.

“The obvious answer is first and foremost, prayer. And, especially, the Holy Rosary. I was just reading St. Alphonsus Liguori, who said, Of all forms of love, maternal love is the greatest. But if you took all of the love, of all of the mothers, of all ages, for every single child they have, it wouldn’t add up to the love of the Blessed Virgin. And her love for you, and for me, for them we just don’t believe anyone could love us that much, but she does.

“So I would say, renew your consecration to her, whether it’s de Montfort or something else. Become her child, become her servant, become her true possession. And the more you unite yourself to her, you can unite them to her, as well.”

Hahn spoke May 9, 2016, at the Archbishop’s Lecture Series. The transcription of his response above begins at 57:40 of the audio file.